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Greetings from the Solomon Islands!

added on: November 23, 2015
Eastern Shore Dental Care - Chester, MD

Dr. Murphy has made it to the Solomon Islands! (Not to be confused with nearby Solomon’s Island!!)

Dr. Murphy tells us they extracted 61 teeth in the first two days!!! Since many of the locals have lived for so long without a single dental exam, it’s more common for our team to have to remove teeth versus being able to provide a treatment that could save their teeth in the long term. The best way to alleviate much of their pain and discomfort at this point is to extract.

This is the view from Uepi island where the providers have literally set up a dental chair to treat patients right on the beach!

Dr. Murphy said that Monitor Lizards roam the area freely, much like squirrels here on Kent Island! It didn’t take long for him to spot one and snap a picture!

Don’t be fooled by how “close” the Solomon Islands look to Australia on this map below — the journey is actually over 2,000 miles!!!

He took a few planes and boat rides to the tiny and remote island of Uepi where the volunteers have already been busy working!

61 teeth were extracted right here on this beach in two days!

Though harmless to humans, these creatures are not easy on the eyes!