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Eastern Shore Dental Care in Chester

Dental Services in Chester

Our Services + Your Smile = Match Made on the Eastern Shore

Eastern Shore Dental Care offers a full slate of services to provide you with optimal dental care and our team cares for the whole family from older toddler through adult. We carefully service smiles with treatments that range from deep cleanings to tooth replacements including dentures and implants! We can’t wait to help you smile bigger.

Opalescence Boost Professional In-Office Teeth Whitening If you’re looking to whiten your teeth quickly and easily, we have the solution for you. With Opalescence Boost, all you have to do is relax as our staff applies a professional strength hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth’s surfaces. There’s no light involved… Read More…

Nearly 30% of the population is afraid of the dentist. Additional studies have shown that up to 75% adults in the U.S. experience some degree of dental fear. This means that millions of patients across the nation are searching for a way to have their dentistry completed without the anxiety… Read More…

Our general and preventive dentistry includes comprehensive exams, hygiene, oral cancer screenings, x-rays, periodontal therapy, treatment for bruxism and sleep apnea, and emergency care. We want to keep your teeth and mouth healthy and discover minor problems before they become major problems.

We love to see you smile and cosmetic dentistry will help ensure you do just that. No job is too small when it comes to making you feel happier and more confident. Our cosmetic dentistry offerings include porcelain veneers, full mouth restoration, gum recontouring, composite bonding, tooth recontouring, and tray whitening.

Our restorative dentistry treatments are meant to return full function by repairing or replacing damaged teeth. We offer fillings, porcelain inlays and onlays, crowns and bridges, partials, dentures, and implants. We perform endodontics and minor extractions in house.

If you’ve always dreamed of having straighter teeth, we can make that dream come true with Invisalign. For adults, treatment can take as little as one year. For teenagers, it may take a little longer. But the whole time, the aligners will be nearly invisible and you’ll be able to eat and care for your teeth just as you always have. Comfort, convenience and straighter teeth thanks to Invisalign? That’s clearly a reason to smile.

We also offer TMJ treatment using a combination of neuromuscular treatment, splints, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy to correctly align your jaw and restore you to a life free of TMJ pain.