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Teeth Whitening

Eastern Shore Dental Care is proud to offer
3 different teeth whitening products to their patients.

Chairside GLO treatmentGLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening

We are proud to offer the latest technology for teeth whitening from GLO Science – our premium teeth whitening product. Their patented Guided Light Optics (GLO) system combines warming heat with light and professional strength whitening gel to create fast, long lasting results. All of the technology is held inside a closed-system mouthpiece to prevent the gel and oxygen from escaping the mouth during the treatment for the most efficient results.

There’s little to no sensitivity or painful zingers, and treatments take only 80 minutes as you sit back and relax in a comfortable chair. GLO is safe to use on crowns, caps, teeth with dental bonding, and even veneers, so there is no worry about discoloration or staining of dental restorations.

On average, patients see an improvement of up to 8 tooth shades whiter after an in-office GLO treatment.

The mouthpiece used in the office for the whitening session is then yours to take home and use with the GLO Pro Take Home Kit – an easy way to further whiten your teeth at home using the same professional whitening gel as in our office. It comes with a lightweight control unit on a lanyard so that you can whiten your teeth hands-free.

Venus White

Venus White Pro  – Take Home Custom Tray Whitening

At Eastern Shore Dental Care we are thrilled to offer the Award-winning at-home teeth whitening system from Kulzer.

Venus White Pro is the high-performance system specially formulated for simple at-home use. The custom trays are proven to take a smile up to 8.4 shades whiter! Plus, Venus White Pro contains potassium nitrate to decrease sensitivity associated with bleaching.



  • 16% Carbamide Peroxide strength.
  • Gel is mint flavored for comfort.
  • Proven to whiten to 8.4 shades, with virtually no sensitivity!

Work with your dentist to create custom-fit trays and determine the right gel for you!

To load the tray, depress the plunger and fill each tooth in the tray with a pearl of gel. Each tray typically uses 1/2 to 1/3 of a syringe.

Position tray over your teeth and gently press tray to move the gel into place. Wipe excess gel off gums with a tissue.

Wear tray as instructed by your dentist. Wear times vary based on the individual and the strength of gel used. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use for 24 hours.

After whitening, remove the tray and rinse your teeth. Brush away any remaining gel.

To keep teeth their whitest, use Refill Kits for touch-up every 6–12 months.

small pink ribbonVenus White Supports Breast Cancer Research

When you purchase Venus White, they’ll donate a percentage of sales to support research for breast cancer.

Opalescence Go trayOpalescence® Go

Looking for an easy and fast at-home teeth whitening solution for under $100? We are proud to offer Opalescence® Go over-the-counter whitening trays. Specially formulated to prevent dehydration and shade relapse of your teeth, Opalescence® tooth whitening gel contains both fluoride and potassium nitrate to help minimize the sensitivity some patients experience with teeth whitening products.

These sleek and comfortable prefilled trays with 15% Hydrogen Peroxide adapt to any smile, and are ready to use right out of the package. It takes only 15-20 minutes per day for 5-10 consecutive days to achieve the professional whitening results you want from the comfort of your home.

No models, lab time, impressions, custom trays, or appointment times needed. Simply walk into our office in Chester and request a box to purchase.